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Opening Scenes : mix by Chequerboard (2014)
Featuring : Beck, Ryan Teague, Other lives, Sarah Neufeld, DIIV, Steve Hauschildt, Evenings, The Field, Sunken Foal, Mica Levi, Eomac, Jacaszek, Yo La Tengo, Julianna Barwick & Alex Chilton.
Produced for the
Shock World Service       Date : Sept 2014 Dublin, Ireland

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Obelisk High : mix by Chequerboard (2013)
Featuring : J.R. Alexander, Holden, Clark, Max Richter, Girls Names, Wax Stag, Tim Hecker, Christ, Bark Psychosis, Red House Painters, Ethernet, ilex, Colleen, Library Tapes, Ametsub, Blanck Mass and more.
Produced for the Shock World Service
        Date : March 2013 Dublin, Ireland

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The Coin Operated Winter Podcast : mix by Chequerboard (2012)
Featuring : Memory Tapes, Jonny Greenwood, Set the First, Clark, Katie Kim, Bogdan Racznski, Jai Paul, Parks, Ex Confusion, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Sun Kil Moon, Lilac Time, Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou, The Leisure Society, Message to Bears and more,
Produced for the Shock World Service
        Date : Dec 2012 Dublin, Ireland